How Dexter Works

Dexter School is a blended school where students attend online and/or in person. Classes are both synchronous and asynchronous. Students that live near a Dexter campus may attend in-person.

Core Knowledge Curriculum

Students learn and discover powerful ideas not by chance, but as a core feature of becoming a Dexter student. From American history to computer programming to mathematical thinking, we purposely develop an expanded literacy in all of our students to position them to become the builders of tomorrow.

World-Class Direct Instruction

No matter your geography, Dexter students receive world-class direct instruction from master educators and experts through our interactive live streams. In addition to being effective, our direct instruction approach introduces levels of quality assurance not typically seen in K-12 education.

One-to-One Tutoring

Each student receives regular one-to-one and small group mentoring to augment their direct instruction, it's like having their own Aristotle. This one-to-one tutoring provides content clarity and accountability. In addition to their scheduled meetings, students may message a learning coach at any time through the Dexter messaging system.

Project and Inquiry Learning

As students develop mastery and domain knowledge, they begin more inquiry-driven projects and experiences that leverage powerful tools like 3D printing. Learning by doing is a core tenet at Dexter and prepares our learners to become the builders of tomorrow.

Reimagined Campuses

Dexter campuses are imaginative environments that provide students with regular access to special equipment and experiences. They're part maker space and part co-working space that blurs the line between a schooling and working environment. Our aim is to create a global network of these campuses.