June 15 - July 24, 2020
8th Grade and Up
$ 195.00 USD
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Course Description

This is an introductory course to algebra, which will use the powerful and interactive Mathigon as its textbook. Sunil Singh is author of Math Recess and Pi of Life and a content writer for Mathigon. He’ll lead the live stream and Lora will teach the Zoom classes. Lora Saarnio has been a math specialist at The Nueva School in Hillsborough, CA for seven years, serving gifted and talented students. Lora is Head of Dexter School and Director Emeritus of the Julia Robinson Mathematics Festival. She has also been awarded the Sarah D. Barder Fellowship, a national teaching award from Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth. Recommended for 8th Grade and up.
  • Direct instruction from world class educators
  • Small group and one-to-one tutoring sessions
  • Hands-on projects and experiments
  • End of term narrative report card and assessment
Sunil Singh

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