June 15 - July 24, 2020
6th Grade and up.
$ 195.00 USD
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Course Description

Learn about the nuclear tensions and proxy wars between the US and the Soviet Union following the end of World War II. Students will learn about the origins of the Cold War and the impact of that period through the reading of historical fiction and history lessons. Lora previously taught high school English for seven years. She entered UC Berkeley as a Russian Studies and Biochemistry major, intending to either work for the State Department or become a geneticist. Her love of history, literature, and international affairs continues on to this day. Recommended for 6th Grade and up.
  • Direct instruction from world class educators
  • Small group and one-to-one tutoring sessions
  • Hands-on projects and experiments
  • End of term narrative report card and assessment
Lora Saarnio

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