You've been accepted, now what?

Your first term at Dexter.

At the beginning of the term, students log-in to the digital learning system and begin their course work. Each student has a personalized schedule on their dashboard that outlines specifically where they need to be and at what time. Each course consists of an interactive live stream, small-group discussion sessions, and one-to-one learning coach correspondence.

The number of live streams and small-group sessions depends on the number of credits for that course. Through the Dexter digital platform, students are able to access the assignments, message a coach for one-on-one help, and submit their tasks.  Each course has weekly deadlines and expectations that a student must meet. If these expectations are not met, learning coaches will flag a student's account and require additional one-on-one meetings. Parents will receive an email alerting them of the issue.  If student performance becomes a recurring problem then a student will be dropped from the course.

At the end of the term, students will receive an end of term transcript that outlines their academic performance and assigns a grade. Students in the elementary program receive an O (outstanding), S (solid), N (needs improvement). Students in 8th grade+ receive traditional letter grades.