Moon Habitat Design


Design a moon habitat that can sustain six crew members for one week. The crew must live, eat, exercise, and sleep in the habitat.

The winning design team will win:

$500 cash prize

$1,200 in Dexter scholarships

Moon Badge

The winning habitat design will be built and tested during the first Moon Base Dexter mission at our Texas campus.


Is it strong?

Is it safe and comfortable?

Does it conserve material?

Is it easy to make?

Can it be built for less than $2,000?

Your submission must include:

A detailed description about the design and function of each component of the habitat.

A sketched drawing of the habitat.

CAD model of the habitat.

A materials lists with costs.

Instruction on how to build it.

Submit your design to by July 31st, 2020 at 3 pm CT.

Blog Post written by:
Michael Olaya
Cofounder, CEO