The Dexter admissions process provides both parties with the opportunity to get to know each other better. As a parent, you need to know that Dexter is the right fit for your student, and at Dexter, it’s our responsibility to ensure that your student comes to us with the competencies that will enable them to thrive in the Dexter environment.

Our online curriculum can be challenging for students who are used to traditional education. But for students who are smart, kind, curious, self-motivated, and emotionally intelligent the Dexter curriculum offers a world of exciting new learning opportunities!

The online application and video submissions are our first steps in getting to know your students and identifying their strong suits. Our in-person meet up or video chat allows you to ask any questions not covered in our FAQ list. It’s a chance to meet some of the Dexter team and achieve the comfort in knowing that your child’s education is in safe hands.

We conduct testing and diagnostics as the last part of the admissions process, and as a final determinant of a student’s ability to manage the rigors of the Dexter curriculum. It also enables us to place students who are accepted to Dexter in the appropriate courses and classes.​

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