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Take Control of Your Future

Dexter is an affordable private school that

provides flexibility, student choice, and community.

Empowering the Next Generation of Change Agents

Imagine a world where it was cool to be smart. A world where writing your own novel or programming a video game was seen as normal. Dexter is that world. A place where you're not just preparing for college, but learning how to thrive in the digital age.

Science isn't just a collection of facts to memorize, it's the most powerful framework of thought humans have ever created. You'll learn how to think scientifically through simulations, experiments, and hands-on projects.

An understanding of human affairs and history is foundational for rational thought. In the process, you'll learn to write, speak, and communicate throughout every lesson.

As you progress through Dexter you gain skills and certifications that unlock your future.

Mathematics is the language of reality and you'll learn to speak it fluently at Dexter. In addition to your core math topics, you'll also discover exotic math like topology, cryptography, and graph theory.

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