The Artists, Engineers, and Scientists the World Needs

Dexter is a radically accessible private school for ages 10+ that allows students to attend remotely and/or in-person.

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A global learning community.

Dexter isn't just a school, it's a global community of learners that valorizes building, exploring, and self actualization. Students receive mentoring and support to develop sustained engagement and motivation in their studies:

  • Direct instruction from world class educators
  • Regular small group tutoring
  • Hands-on projects and experiments
  • End of term narrative report card and assessment
  • Regular social events and community activities
  • Access to a growing network or physical maker spaces and educational co-working spaces

In our Mythic model of education, students conceptualize their lives as a Hero's Journey.

Experience Dexter first hand.

Due to COVID-19, we launched an interactive live streaming platform to connect kids with the world's best teachers in a fun and safe way. All of our live streams are free and open to the public. Sign up for an account if you'd like your child to have access to the live stream chat, post in the social forums, and view previous recording.

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